Right now we are accepting 2E MODULE SUBMISSIONS & Art Submissions for 2E Kromore.
All other Novels, RPG Games, Board Games, and Card Games require strong query's.


We take submissions from writers for the purpose of Module writing on a  case by case basis. You will be required to fill out an NDA and Contract if you are hired to write a module for RAEX GAMES. We will send you an NDA upon receipt of your submission request and an NDA from us will signify that we are interested. This by no means is a negotiation stating that we have hired you yet, we only hire when we have a finalized contract with a freelance artist or writer including a set deadline of final submission.
If you can not make deadlines once a contract is set your contract may be terminated by RAEX GAMES to focus energy on other freelance artists and writers who are meeting deadlines. You are not required to meet any deadline for a submitted work until a contract has been agreed and discussed between RAEX GAMES and the freelance artist or writer. All submitted material will be on a for sale basis to RAEX GAMES at a flat rate and once sold will be property of RAEX GAMES.
RAEX GAMES  gives certain writers and artists access to material for the purpose of module writing that is not public and is considered copyright or subsidiary property under RAEX GAMES. The NDA secures the discussion of contracts and any legal negotiations that take place between authors, artists, & RAEX GAMES.
If you are interested in writing a module for RAEX GAMES and can meet deadlines which will be determined by a first draft submission of the module from the author and then upon acceptance of the module by RAEX GAMES a contract will be written up for a finished draft within a deadline date.
Please send a Query email to
-1 page resume with relative experience ​(attached as .doc file or pdf)
-A writing sample of YOUR WORK no more than 1000 words. Must be fantasy/sci-fi or RPG related.
-A Query of your module concept. A Query of your topic maximum 250 words 
-Link to your website or art gallery
-A short sentence telling us why you want to draw for Kromore or our other products.
-An understanding that we commission art based on artist experience, our current need for art, quality, and professionalism. 


32 pg modules with original artwork. $250.00 Based on author experience, art, and quality of work before we edit and publish. Accredited authors and polished work can negotiate a higher rate. We will accept modules without artwork but only for $150.00. These modules are typically single level adventures and must follow Kromore rules. These books are sold by us as PDF's typically and do not see print.
48-160 pg module or expansion to Kromore with original artwork. $ Negotiated Based on author, art, and quality of work before we edit and publish. These books see print and are sold as PDF's. Modules without artwork are always negotiated at a lower rate as we do all the layout, art, and graphics.
Accredited authors and polished work can negotiate a higher rate. These modules are typically two level adventures and must follow the Kromore 1E or 2E system. (We are currently only taking submissions for 2E Kromore)
160-304 pg Game Settings with or without original artwork. Case by Case basis. Any writer interested in writing something of this size and magnitude must first have a published module with RAEX GAMES or be an accredited author with previous work. These submissions also require query and 1st draft approval and will involve a residual rate payment with the product along with initial flat rate payment for writing and design work done. These are large products, but we openly look for interested writers who want to expand Kromore. 
Novel Submissions: These are rare, but we do support fiction novels that deal with our game setting universe. These require a query (500 word)  submission before we even begin negotiating this commission. Prior published work is a must to submit Novel work to us. If you have already published a novel (self-published) we will not publish it again. Do to legal reasons no one is allowed to write content for the IP Kromore unless given authorization to do so. We will support independent works for the Kromore universe where we can, but we own the intellectual property and will continue to make sure it stays in line with the universe and our values. 
Contact us at with your Query and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. If we say No the first time we always try to tell submitters why we said No. Please use this as our way of saying please try again with the notes we supplied. We always want to make people's dreams happen, but can't always make every idea happen!
Artists interested in doing concept, sketch, illustration, or graphic art work for RAEX GAMES should submit an email to with links to your work. If you were color or ink but not the illustrator of a piece please identify in the email. We take new artists as well as experienced artists and pay accordingly. We do not have time to respond to all submissions. Please keep in mind we keep all submissions for future use when/if necessary


Any copyright infringement will immediately cancel any obligations of RAEX GAMES and we will black list you from working with our company in the future. We can not research the material you provide fully due to the sheer magnitude of work submitted and any work found to be copyright after we have released the work will fall back on the original author or artist under the contract.
All freelancers are strictly on a freelance basis per project and RAEX GAMES has full discretion to say no to a project that doesn't fit criteria or any artist or author who is not meeting a per-agreed deadline after signing a contract. After the NDA is signed we still require a 1st draft of written material before RAEX GAMES will send a project criteria contract that will signify freelance work with RAEX GAMES and establish deadlines and payment for writing projects. We will contact artists about specific commissioned work based on your portfolio. If you are submitting original work contracts will be negotiated if we are interested. No payment contracts will be discussed until a first draft has been accepted by RAEX GAMES. RAEX GAMES will provide publishing and editing of final projects and has full rights to edit and alter work.
Basic sketch B&W: (negotiated)
Color sketch: (negotiated)
Elaborate art with color: Negotiated based on detail.
Full or partial color Characters (no background): $50-$100 
High quality detailed Characters (no background/partial background): $100-$200 (negotiated based on experience)
Covers: Negotiated based on detail and use, but purchased art may be used at our discretion on covers.
Art pay varies based on artist experience and amount of additional detail to piece. 
All published written work will be owned by RAEX GAMES, published with an ISBN number and listed on our website for sale as well as other vendors. All sales of work go directly to RAEX GAMES. Any and all work owned by RAEX GAMES can and should always be used by an artist or author as resume material and marketing for their craft, but any redistribution of that work without RAEX GAMES consent or permission will be subject to legal action as we will own the property. If we continue to like the material  a freelance artist provides, future job opportunities are possible within RAEX GAMES.
We pay through Paypal to writers and artists on submission of final works. We have found in the past paying 1/2 payments often leaves work unfinished. Unfinished work may get purchased at a lesser amount in sketch form.

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