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Press & Interview Proposals

We ask that all proposals for interviews are emailed to with the subject line PRESS.


We can provide professional and accredited press contacts with a press package for upcoming projects. We are active at conventions and always willing to attend vendor and open forum panels.


RAEX GAMES is a gaming publisher that specializes in rpg table top games, Card Games, and Board Games. 


We also license our systems to digital games and are actively testing and developing digital products.


The Kromore system was developed as an all inclusive RPG system. Licensing of the system is available please contact us to find out how.


RAEX GAMES supports novels and other fiction based projects we think our audiences would enjoy.  Contact us to discuss submission requirements.


Participating in an organized R.A.EX. Online game automatically signifies that all parties are responsible for themselves and their actions against other players or themselves. R.A.EX. GAMES takes no responsibility to the actions of players within these games. At no time do the actions of players reflect the views of R.A.EX. GAMES Employees and any role-playing event hosted by an employee of the company will be conducted with the administering of mute/kick/ban functionality of the tool used by that employee. All role-playing events that utilize any R.A.EX. GAMES software, tools, pdf's, or setting material are subject to the disclaimer fair gaming clause set forth as to be used for entertainment purposes. R.A.EX. GAMES, R.A.EX. GAMES Employees, and T. Julian Bell take no responsibility for the actions of individuals that utilize our products. Third party sites located on the footer of this website are solely endorsed by their use and functionality for table top gaming and in no way is RAEX GAMES been compensated for endorsing these sites nor seeks compensation.  All Raex Games material is copyright under Raex Games entity legally owned and operated by T. Julian Bell of Raex Games. 

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